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====Edward Sidney Aarons====

Edward Sidney Aarons wrote most of his pulp stories under the penname [[RonnsEdwardS Edward S. Ronns]] in a variety of [[MysteryGenre mystery]] and [[MysteryGenre detective]] magazines.

>>**Edward Sidney Aarons**
**Born:** 1916
**Died:** 1975>>Aarons was born in 1916 in Philadelphia, Pa. He earned degrees in ancient history and literature at Columbia University and held down a number of jobs before being able to live solely off his writing. At one time or another he worked as a newspaper reporter, a millhand, a salesman and a fisherman.

He started to submit his work to the pulps in the 1930s, mostly under the psydonym [[RonnsEdwardS Edward S. Ronns]]. And appeared in a variety of pulps, including //[[CluesMagazine Clues]], [[ShadowThe The Shadow]], [[ThrillingDetective Thrilling Detective]], [[BlackBookDetective Black Book Detective]]// and //[[TopNotchDetective Top-Notch Detective]]//.

With the advent of World War II, Aarons served as a chief petty officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. After the war, Aarons started to see more of his work being published by the fiction houses in paperbacks as the pulps started to die off.

Aarons died in 1975 in New Milford, Conn.


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