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//Aces// was an [[pulpgenres air battle]] pulp published by [[FictionHouse Fiction House]] under its [[GlenKelPublishing Glen-Kel Publishing Co.]] imprint.

>>{{image class="center" alt="Captain Future" url="images/wiki-images/aces_2812.jpg" }}**//Aces//**
**Publisher:** [[FictionHouse Fiction House]]
**Publication range:** December 1928-Winter 1940>>Fiction House published //Aces// monthly from December 1928 through December 1932. Publication was suspended, but resumed with the Spring 1937 number for six irregular issues ending with the Spring 1940 number.

Fifty-five issues of //Aces// were published.

===The contributors===
Writers published in //Aces// included [[BruceGeorge George Bruce]], [[DavisFrederickC Frederick C. Davis]], [[DonovanLaurence Laurence Donovan]], [[RoscoeTheodore Theodore Roscoe]], [[TinsleyTheodore Theodore Tinsley]] and [[WhitehouseArch Arch Whitehouse]].

Covers for //Aces// were painted by [[BelarskiRudolph Rudolph Belarski]], [[BergyEarle Earle Bergy]], [[BlakesleeFrederick Frederick Blakeslee]], [[DomeronChasE Chas E. Domeron]], [[GlassFR F.R. Glass]], [[GloveBertram Bertram Glover]], [[HaleTF T.F. Hale Jr.]], [[HeurlinC C. Heurlin]], and [[MurphyHC H.C. Murphy]], with the majority by Belarski. Interior illustrations were contributed by Belarski, [[GouldJohnFleming John Fleming Gould]] and [[SturgessAbell Abell Sturgess]].

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~- Share fun facts to know and tell.

===Outside links===
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