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Aces was an air battle pulp published by Fiction House under its Glen-Kel Publishing Co. imprint.


Captain FutureAces
Publisher: Fiction House
Publication range: December 1928-Winter 1940
Fiction House published Aces monthly from December 1928 through December 1932. Publication was suspended, but resumed with the Spring 1937 number for six irregular issues ending with the Spring 1940 number.

Fifty-five issues of Aces were published.

The contributors

Writers published in Aces included George Bruce, Frederick C. Davis, Laurence Donovan, Theodore Roscoe, Theodore Tinsley and Arch Whitehouse.

Covers for Aces were painted by Rudolph Belarski, Earle Bergy, Frederick Blakeslee, Chas E. Domeron, F.R. Glass, Bertram Glover, T.F. Hale Jr., C. Heurlin, and H.C. Murphy, with the majority by Belarski. Interior illustrations were contributed by Belarski, John Fleming Gould and Abell Sturgess.


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