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====Robert C. Blackmon====

Robert C. Blackmon authored over a hundred detective and crime stories in addition to other fiction. He had five stories published in //[[AvengerThe The Avenger]]//. His career does not appear to extend beyond the pulp realm.

>>**Robert C. Blackmon**
**Born:** Unknown
**Died:** Unknown>>His stories included:

~- "The Murder Joke" (//[[AvengerThe The Avenger]]//, September 1941)
~- "Death Has Two Hands" (//[[AvengerThe The Avenger]]//, January 1942)
~- "The Dead Don't Talk" (//[[AvengerThe The Avenger]]//, July 1942)
~- "Killer in The House" (//[[AvengerThe The Avenger]]//, September 1942)


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