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====Hannes Bok====

>>{{image class="center" alt="Hannes Bok" url="images/wiki-images/bokhannes.jpg" }}**Hannes Bok**
**Born:** July 2, 1914
**Died:** April 11, 1964>>Science-fantasy illustrator Hannes Bokís work appeared in a variety of magazines from 1939 until the end of the pulp era. After the pulps, he segued into illustration work for books, limited edition print sets and science-fantasy fanzines.He was also the author of two novels, //Sorcerer’s Ship// and //Beyond the Golden Stair//.

Hannes Bok was born Wayne Woodard, though the location of his birth has been listed as Duluth, Minn., or Kansas City, Mo. He died nearly 50 years later in New York City.

His first pulp cover was for the December 1939 number of //[[WeirdTales Weird Tales]]//, for a story titled //Lords of the Ice//, by [[KellerDavidH David H. Keller]]. He continued regularly providing covers and interior artwork for //[[WeirdTales WT]]// and other pulps, including //[[AstonishingStories Astonishing Stories]]//, //[[FamousFantasticMysteries Famous Fantastic Mysteries]]//, //[[OtherWorlds Other Worlds]]//, //[[SuperScienceStories Super Science Stories]]// and //[[Unknown Unknown]]//.

{{image class="center" alt="A Rose for Ecclesiastes" url="images/wiki-images/bok_rose.jpg" }}
{{image class="right" alt="Fantasy and Science Fiction" url="images/wiki-images/bok_rosepulp.jpg" }}A mirror-image of this painting (above) by Bok was published as the wrap-around cover for the digest //[[FantasyandScienceFiction Fantasy and Science Fiction]]// in November 1963. It illustrated Roger Zelazny’s //A Rose for Ecclesiastes//.

In 1953, Bok shared the first Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist in the science and fantasy field with Ed Ernshwiller.

~- The artist is said to have devised his pseudonym “Hans Bok” (later Hannes Bok) in honor of composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

===Outside links===
~- [[ Hannes Bok Illustration Index]] is an online version of Cuyler W. Brooks Jr.’s book of the same name.


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