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====Arthur J. Burks====

Arthur J. Burks began his pulp career with a story in [[WeirdTales Weird Tales]] in 1924 and became quite prolific in the [[FantasyGenre science-fiction and fantasy]] genre.

>>**Arthur J. Burks**
**Born:** 1898
**Died:** 1974>>Burks provided stories for such publications as //[[SkyBirds Sky Birds]], [[SkyFighters Sky Fighters]], [[ThrillingMystery Thrilling Mystery]], [[PhantomDetective The Phantom Detective]], [[GeeEight G-8 and His Battle Aces]], [[AvengerThe The Avenger]]// and, of course, //[[WeirdTales Weird Tales]]//. He also had stories published under the psydonyms Estil Critchie and Spencer Whitney.

Burks claimed to be able to write a story based around any object.

Among his stories are:
~- “The Firecracker” (//[[AvengerThe The Avenger]]//, September 1939)


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