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//Echoes//, published by Tom and Virginia Johnson as Fading Shadows Inc., was the longest running pulp fanzine. It debuted in 1982 and continued for 100 issues, until 1998. //Echoes// continued for another 76 issues as a monthly "newszine."

>>{{image class="center" alt="Echoes" url="images/wiki-images/echoesfanzine.jpg" }}**//Echoes//**
**Publisher:** Fading Shadows Inc.
**Publication range:** April 1982-December 2004>>The fanzine first appeared in April 1982 with a special issue titled "The Bloody Seven," including Tom Johnson, Jack Deveny, Don Hutchison, Frank Hamilton, Robert Sampson, Earl Kussman and Wooda N. Carr. It also included articles on [[Operator5 Operator #5]] and [[DocSavage Doc Savage]].

Four months later, issue Vol. 1, No. 1 appeared and featured contributions from Sampson, Carr, Will Murray and others. Articles ranged from [[BlackBatThe The Black Bat]] and [[SpiderThe The Spider]] to [[PhantomDetectiveThe the Phantom]] and [[DocSavage Doc Savage]].

For the next 16 years, the Johnsons produced an unrivaled collection of pulp-related articles. Topics included all genres of the pulps, as well as serials, movies, old time radio, comic books and other pulp-related topics.

In 1998, the fanzine morphed into a monthly "newszine," similar to Bill Thom's [[ Coming Attractions website]].

When Tom and Virginia Johnson "retired" in December 2004, //Echoes// had reached No. 176, for a total of 177 issues.

===Reference books===
During the years of the fanzine, the Johnson's Fading Shadows Inc. also published several pulp reference books:
~- //Secret Agent X//, by Tom Johnson and Will Murray
~- //The Bronze Age//, by Rick Lai
~- //Chronology of Shadows//, by Rick Lai
~- //Hero Pulp Reprint Index//, by Bill Thom

===Outside links===
~- [[ Fading Shadows Inc.]]
~- [[ Pulp Series Character Reprint Index]]


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