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====Frederick Faust====

One of the most prolific of the pulp fictioneers, Frederick Faust had dozens of stories appearing under nearly 20 pennames, including [[BrandMax Max Brand]], [[BaxterGeorgeOwen George Owen Baxter]] and [[ChallisGeorge George Challis]]. Faust's first story appeared in 1917 and they continued appearing in [[PulpMagazines the pulps]] and [[SlickMagazines the slicks]] until he was killed as a war correspondent in Europe during World War II. He wrote Westerns, mysteries, spy stories and created the characters Destry and Dr. Kildare.

>>{{image class="center" alt="Frederick Faust" url="images/wiki-images/faustfrederick.jpg" }}**Frederick Faust**
**Born:** May 29, 1892
**Died:** May 12, 1944>>Frederick Schiller Faust sold his first story in 1917, and within months, was selling regularly to the pulps. Drawing on his experience as a cowhand on a ranch in California, Faust, writing as Max Brand, sold his first [[WesternGenre Western]], //The Untamed//, to //[[AllStory All-Story]]// in 1919. It was the first in the genre that earned him long-lasting fame.

Among Faust's other pennames were: [[BoltLee Lee Bolt]], [[ButlerWalter Walter Butler]], [[EvanEvin Evin Evan]], [[EvansEvan Evan Evans]], [[FrederickJohn John Frederick]], [[FrostFrederick Frederick Frost]], [[LawtonDennis Dennis Lawton]], [[ManningDavid David Manning]], [[MorlandPeterHenry Peter Henry Moreland]], [[SchoolcraftJohn John Schoolcraft]], [[SilverNicholas Nicholas Silver]] and [[WardPeter Peter Ward]].

Some have conferred the "King of the Pulps" title on Faust for writing more than 500 novels and stories during his 27-year writing career. But Faust didn't write for just the pulps. When pulp rates began to decline in the 1930s, Faust's work began appearing in [[SlickMagazines the slicks]]. One of his most famous characters, Dr. Kildare, turned up in //Cosmopolitan//.

During the late 1930s, Faust was writing on contract for Warner Bros. and MGM studios. His work provided the basis for nearly 50 films, including //Destry Rides Again//, starring Jimmy Stewart, and a series of Dr. Kildare features. Kildare was also featured in a radio serial and a television series.

After only a month into his role as a war correspondent in World War II, Faust was killed during a battle in Italy. The //New York Times// reported, "There was no doubt that the man who wrote the Dr. Kildare series and whose name had been emblazoned on the covers of hundreds of pulp magazines for decades, was killed in action."

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