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=====//Fire Fighters//=====
//Fire Fighters// was a short-lived [[PulpMagazine pulp magazine]] published by [[MagazinePublishersInc Magazine Publishers Inc.]] in 1929.

>>{{image class="center" alt="Fire Fighters" url="images/wiki-images/fire-fighters-2904.png" }}**//Fire Fighters//**
**Publisher:** [[PublisherName Magazine Publishers Inc.]]
**Publication range:** March 1929-May 1929>>===Background===
//Fire Fighters// — "A Magazine of Real Fire Stories!" — is a prime example of how pulps moved from magazines that ran a variety of fiction, such as //[[Argosy The Argosy]]//, to narrow-interest publications.

This pulp by [[HerseyHarold Harold Hersey]] lasted only three issues.

===The contributors===
[[BaumhoferWalter Walter Baumhofer]] was the cover artist for the magazine.

~- Hersey's Magazine Publishers used a circled swastika as "The Symbol of Good Reading." While the swastika had a long history of as a symbol of good luck, it unfortunately was co-opted by the Nazis in the 1920s.


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