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====Formats for a pulp character entry====

Please copy and paste the following coding when you begin an entry for a pulp character:

""=====Pulp character's name=====""
Here would be a 1-3 sentence summary of the pulp character.

"">>**Pulp character's name**""
""**Author:** [[LastFirstName Author's name here]]""
""**Publication:** A brief list of the pulps the character appeared in.>>Here would be an unbiased, detailed history of the pulp character. With pertinent Wiki links to pulp editors, artists, fictioneers, etc. Can be as long as necessary. This section can be subdivided as needed. Such as...""

""===The contributors===""
For instance, there could be a section on the authors, editors and artists if it were pertinent.

""~- Share fun facts to know and tell.""
""~- Share fun facts to know and tell.""

""===Outside links===""
""~- [[ Outside Link 1]]""
""~- [[ Outside Link 2]]""
""~- [[ Outside Link 3]]""


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