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=====Martin Goodman=====
More widely known for starting Timely/Marvel Comics, Martin Goodman broke into the pulp publishing business in 1933 with //Western Supernovel Magazine// (quickly retitled //Complete Western Book Magazine//).

>>**Martin Goodman**
**Born:** Jan. 18, 1908
**Died:** June 6, 1992>>Goodman's Red Circle group published pulps under the Red Circle, Timely, Star, Atlas and Manvis brands.

Among the pulp Goodman published were:
~- //Adventure Trails//
~- //All Baseball Stories//
~- //American Sky Devils//
~- //Complete Western Book Magazine//
~- //Best Love Magazine//
~- //Ka-Zar//
~- //Marvel Science Stories//
~- //Top-Notch Detective//
~- //Top-Notch Western//
~- //Uncanny Stories//
~- //Uncanny Tales//

At the same time he was publishing pulps, Goodman began publishing comic books. Circulations for the comic books took off in the 1940s, and by the mid-1950s were the main focus of the company. His Timely/Atlas comics were retooled into the current-day Marvel Comics in 1961.

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