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=====Maxwell Grant=====

Maxwell Grant was a [[HouseName house name]] created by pulp publisher [[StreetandSmith Street and Smith]] and used by a number of fictioneers. Itís most commonly known from appearing on //[[ShadowThe The Shadow]]// pulps: ìFrom The Shadowís private annals, as told to Maxwell Grant.î

Maxwell Grant was chiefly used by [[GibsonWalter Walter B. Gibson]], who wrote 282 of the 325 Shadow novels that appeared in the pulps. The additional novels ó also under the [[HouseName house name]] Maxwell Grant ó were written by [[TinsleyTheodore Theodore Tinsley]] and [[ElliottBruce Bruce Elliott]], with one being originally written by [[DentLester Lester Dent]] and rewritten by Gibson.

In //The Shadow Scrapbook//, Gibson explains that he created the pen name Maxwell Grant by combining the names of two magic dealers he knew ó Maxwell Holden and U.F. Grant.

[[GibsonWalter Gibson]] also used the name on a series of short stories about [[NorgilTheMagician Norgil the Magician]], which appeared [[CrimeBusters Crime Busters]] 1937-40.

The Grant named also appeared, surprisingly, on several stories in //[[SportStoryMagazine Sport Story Magazine]]//, also a [[StreetandSmith Street and Smith]] pulp. Pulp historian Will Murray, writing in //[[EchoesFanzine Echoes pulp fanzine]]//, says that [[MannArthur Arthur Mann]], [[LewisTom Tom Lewis]] and [[OlsenJames James P. Olsen]] each wrote a story under the Grant name. The true authors of three other sports stories attributed to Grant are unknown.

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