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Maxwell Grant

Maxwell Grant was a house name created by pulp publisher Street and Smith and used by a number of fictioneers. Itís most commonly known from appearing on The Shadow pulps: ìFrom The Shadowís private annals, as told to Maxwell Grant.î


Maxwell Grant was chiefly used by Walter B. Gibson, who wrote 282 of the 325 Shadow novels that appeared in the pulps. The additional novels ó also under the house name Maxwell Grant ó were written by Theodore Tinsley and Bruce Elliott, with one being originally written by Lester Dent and rewritten by Gibson.

Gibson also used the name on a series of short stories about Norgil the Magician, which appeared Crime Busters 1937-40.

The Grant named also appeared, surprisingly, on several stories in Sport Story Magazine, also a Street and Smith pulp. Pulp historian Will Murray, writing in Echoes pulp fanzine, says that Arthur Mann, Tom Lewis and James P. Olsen each wrote a story under the Grant name. The true authors of three other sports stories attributed to Grant are unknown.


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