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====House name====

A house name was a pseudonym owned by a [[PulpPublishers pulp magazine publisher]], rather than a single author. Whereas fictitious names such as [[BrandMax Max Brand]] were used by one author, in this case [[FaustFrederick Frederick Faust]], house names such as [[GrantMaxwell Maxwell Grant]] could be used by a variety of authors.

Pulp publishers chose to use house names to create the illusion that a series of stories had been written by one person, rather than a stable of authors. For instance, [[RobesonKenneth Kenneth Robeson]] was created by [[StreetandSmith Street and Smith]] for use on its //[[DocSavage Doc Savage]]// series. [[DentLester Lester Dent]] was contracted to write the series, but just in case he was unable to fulfill the job, Street asked [[DonovanLaurence Laurence Donovan]] to write several stories that were held as backup. Street also used the Robeson name when it started //[[AvengerThe The Avenger]]// series in order to draw the interest of readers of //[[DocSavage Doc Savage]]// to the new [[HeroPulpGenre hero pulp]].

~- Whether it was intentional or not, one of the most humorously named house names was [[HouseBrant Brant House]], used by [[ChadwickPaul Paul Chadwick]] and others writing for [[PeriodicalHouse Periodical House]]ís //[[SecretAgentX Secret Agent X]]//.

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