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=====Daniel Keyes=====
Daniel Keyes was a fictioneer and associate editor of //[[MarvelScienceStories Marvel Science Stories]]// during its revival as a pulp and a digest magazine from 1950-52.

>>**Daniel Keyes**
**Born:** Aug. 9, 1927
**Died:** June 15, 2014>>Keyes was late arriving on the pulp scene. He was just out of college when he took the position of associate editor of //[[MarvelScienceStories Marvel Science Stories]]//.

His first science fiction story, "Precedent," was published in //[[MarvelScienceStories Marvel Science Stories]]// in 1952. But he would be best-known for his short story (later expanded into a novel) "Flowers for Algernon," which was published in //[[MagazineofFantasyandScienceFiction The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction]]// in April 1959.

"Flowers of Algernon" would be filmed several times, but most notably in 1968 as "Charly," with Cliff Robertson winning the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of the title character.

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