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====//Lost Continent Library//====

//Lost Continent Library// was a free monthly PDF magazine focused on classic adventure movies, fiction and real-life adventure. [[NewPulp New Pulp]] genre fiction was showcased every issue. It was originally published January 2008 through June 2009. The publisher is planning a new run.

>>**//Lost Continent Library//**
**Publisher:** Walter Bosley/Lost Continent Library
**Publication range:** January 2008-June 2009 >>The //Lost Continent Library// magazine was started by the publishing company of the same name. Founded in 2002, the company is the publisher of reprints, "The Sunken World" by [[CoblentzStanton Stanton Coblentz]], "The Hidden Trail" by Thomas A. Janvier, and new fiction "Wonder of the Worlds" by Sesh Heri, "Secret of the Amazon Queen" by E.A. Guest and "Atlantis Adventure" by Antoine Gagne.

The company has gone from a traditional print publisher to the electronic venue and found a successful niche with its magazine, free to readers in a downloaded PDF format. LCL books are primarily marketed via Amazon Kindle and print-on-demand.

===The contributors===
Founder Walter Bosley served as chief editor, author Wm. Michael Mott was associate editor, and Orange County Weekly cartoonist Bob Aul supplied graphic arts.

The magazine presented new pulp/genre fiction. Authors featured so far have been Bill Craig, Bryn Colvin, Brian Jackson, Terry Klasek, Eric Enck, Wm. Michael Mott and E.A. Guest. Real-life adventures feature reprints or the recent Central American explorations of Craig Guggolz.

The premier issue included an article on //Secret of the Incas,// the mysteriously unavailable 1954 film from Paramount that clearly features scenes and recognizable character aspects that showed up in the first three //Indiana Jones// movies. An interview with producer/director Fraser Heston, whose father Charlton Heston starred in the film, is included with photos from the family archive.

//LCL// magazine received positive reviews from David Drage, the host of [[ Dial P for Pulp]] podcast, and Wildcat Books publisher Ron Hannah, and was downloaded by several thousand readers every month.

San Francisco Web site [[ Travelers Tales]] participated with //LCL// through a reprint from their edition of "Royal Road to Romance."

===Outside links===
~- //[[]]// Current LCL Blog


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