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====Munsey Award====

The Munsey Award is named after [[MunseyFrankA Frank A. Munsey]], the man who published the first all-fiction pulp magazine in December 1896. It is given annually at the [[PulpConventions PulpFest pulp convention]] and "recognizes the efforts and ongoing involvement of the recipient in the improvement, elevation, and continuance of keeping the pulps alive and well."

===Munsey Award winners===
Here's an up-to-date list of Munsey Award winners:
~-**PulpFest 2009**: [[ Bill Thom]]
~-**PulpFest 2010**: [[ Michael Chomko]]
~-**PulpFest 2011**: [[ Anthony Tollin]]
~-**PulpFest 2012**: [[ Matt Moring]]
~-**PulpFest 2013**: Garyn G. Roberts
~-**PulpFest 2014**: J. Randolph Cox
~-**PulpFest 2015**: Stephen T. Miller
~-**PulpFest 2016**: [[ Laurie Powers]]

===Outside links===
~- [[ PulpFest's awards page]]


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