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Pulp contributors

This category includes a broad range of people who contributed to the pulp magazines รณ fictioneers, editors, artists and more.


Pulp artists
Vivid, lurid covers were what often sold the pulps. For $50 to $100 a painting, pulp artists worked as quickly as their fictioneer counterparts, often producing a completed cover a day. Other artists churned out pen and ink sketches for the magazine interiors.

Pulp editors
The names behind the magazine, the pulp editors help craft the pulp magazines by developing the slant for the pulp and grooming fictioneers.

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AaronsEdwardS [AaronsEdwardS]
BaxterGeorgeOwen [BaxterGeorgeOwen]
BeckmanCharles [Charles Beckman Jr.]
BedfordJones [BedfordJones]
BittnerArchibald [Archibald Bittner]
BlackmonRobertC [Robert C. Blackmon]
BloomfieldHoward [BloomfieldHoward]
BoeckmanCharles [Charles Boeckman Jr.]
BokHannes [Hannes Bok]
BoltLee [BoltLee]
BrandMax [BrandMax]
BurkeJerome [Jerome Burke]
BurksArthurJ [BurksArthurJ]
ButlerWalter [ButlerWalter]
ByrneJohn [ByrneJohn]
CarseRobert [CarseRobert]
ChallisGeorge [ChallisGeorge]
CritchieEstil [CritchieEstil]
CuffBill [Bill Cuff]
DentLester [DentLester]
EvanEvin [EvanEvin]
EvansEvan [EvansEvan]
FarleyRalphMilne [FarleyRalphMilne]
FaustFrederick [FaustFrederick]
FischerBruno [FischerBruno]
FrederickJohn [FrederickJohn]
FrostFrederick [FrostFrederick]
GibsonWalter [GibsonWalter]
GoodmanMartin [Martin Goodman]
GoodrichClifford [GoodrichClifford]
GrantMaxwell [GrantMaxwell]
GrayRussell [GrayRussell]
HawksChester [HawksChester]
HewittCarl [Carl Hewitt]
JorgensenNelsLeroy [JorgensenNelsLeroy]
KeyesDaniel [Daniel Keyes]
LawtonDennis [LawtonDennis]
LyndonBarre [Barré Lyndon]
MagnerWilliam [William Magner]
ManningDavid [ManningDavid]
MenckenHL [MenckenHL]
MerrittA [A. Merritt]
MitchellBurroughs [MitchellBurroughs]
MooreDon [Don Moore]
MorlandPeterHenry [MorlandPeterHenry]
MunseyFrankA [MunseyFrankA]
PulpFictioneer [PulpFictioneer]
RobesonKenneth [RobesonKenneth]
RonnsEdwardS [RonnsEdwardS]
RoscoeTheodore [Theodore Roscoe]
RossDonald [RossDonald]
ScanlonCKM [C.K.M. Scanlon]
SchoolcraftJohn [SchoolcraftJohn]
SilverNicholas [SilverNicholas]
StahrPaul [StahrPaul]
SteegerHenry [SteegerHenry]
SterlingBrett [SterlingBrett]
StevensPeter [StevensPeter]
StormHarrison [StormHarrison]
TerrillRogers [Rogers Terrill]
WardPeter [WardPeter]
WhitneySpencer [WhitneySpencer]
WollheimDonald [WollheimDonald]


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