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====Pulp conventions====

There are several annual pulp conventions. Pulps and pulp-related guests also may appear at any number of science fiction, fantasy or comics conventions.

~-**[[ PulpFest]]**: In 2009, PulpFest replaced Pulpcon as the annual summer pulp convention. PulpFest is held each summer in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, visit the [[ PulpFest Web site]] or its [[ Facebook page]].

~-**[[Pulpcon Pulpcon]]**: This long-running convention came to an end with Pulpcon 37 in 2008 when members of its committee split to form a new convention, PulpFest. Pulpcon had been held each summer, typically in Dayton, Ohio.

~-**[[ The Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention]]**: This gathering is held in the spring in the Chicago area. For information, visit [[ its Web site]].

~-**[[ The Fantastic Pulp Show and Sale]]**: This Toronto show is held in the spring. For information, visit the [[ Girasol Collectables Web site]] or write Girasol Collectables, 1409-3501 Glen Erin Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5L 2E9.

~-**[[ Arizona Doc Con]]**: For information about the annual Doc Savage Convention held in the fall, visit the [[ Arizona Doc Con page on Facebook]].

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