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====Pulp fanzines====

Pulp fanzines are fan-produced publications featuring articles and artwork on the pulps and the people who worked in the pulps.

The zines vary widely in production quality. They range from photocopied and handfolded zines, to nicely bound with slick covers. Art ranges from amateur (some good, some less so) to semi-professional.

Articles may often be of high quality. Prominent pulp collectors and researchers may have articles in multiple zines. Don’t be surprised to see authors such as [[MurrayWill Will Murray]], [[CarrNick Nick Carr]], et al, appear in many different zines.

There are several pulp fanzines being published. But after a brief renaissance in the 1990s, the number has dwindled as the web come to replace printed publications.

Fanzines have been around since the 1930s. While most have focused on broader themes, such as science fiction or fantasy, many have touched on the pulps. The zines listed below are those whose central focus has been the pulps.

===Currently published fanzines===
Some of these publishers have put out other works on the pulps. If you are requesting info, such as latest price info, back issue availability, etc, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Where indicated, make checks payable to the publisher, not the zine. Funds should be in U.S. currency.

~-//[[ Bronze Gazette]]// (formerly //Doc Savage Gazette//): Fantom Press, PO Box 1266, Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Howard Wright's Green Eagle Publications published the first 75 issues, from 1990 through 2015, then handed it off to Fantom Press and Pulp!lications (Terry Allen, Chuck Welch, and Kez Wilson). Small (8.5 x 5.5) nicely done zine devoted to Doc Savage. Subscriptions are on a calendar basis (prices in U.S. dollars): $30/3 U.S.; $40/3 Canada; and $50/3 international.

~-//[[ The Burroughs Bulletin]]//: Henry Franke, 318 Patriot Way, Yorktown, VA 23693; email: [[|]]. Originally published from the late 1940s through 1987 by Vern Coriell, the “new series” began when George T. ""McWhorter"" revived //The Burroughs Bulletin// in 1990. The quarterly zine is published by the [[ Burroughs Bibliophiles]] and is accompanied by the monthly newsletter //The Gridley Wave//. Subscriptions, which include both publications, are $35 (U.S.) and $45 (internationally).

~-//[[ The Cimmerian]]//: //The Cimmerian//, P.O. Box 5572, Playa del Rey, CA 90296. This journal is dedicated to the life and writings of pulp author Robert E. Howard. Published bimonthly, //The Cimmerian// runs 40 pages, is 7x8.5 inches, and is available in two formats: limited ($10/issue) and deluxe ($15/issue). Issues are sold separately, or on a COD (cash on delivery) subscription method.

~-//ERBania//: D. Peter Ogden, 8410 Lopez Dr., Tampa, FL 33615; e-mail: [[|]]. Published since 1956, this is the oldest existing zine devoted to Edgar Rice Burroughs. Subscriptions are $9/4; $10, Canada and Mexico; $13.50, for airmail to all other countries. Back issues are available at $3 each.

~-//[[ Pulpdom Online]]//: Camille Erwin “Caz” Cazedessus II. //Pulpdom// (see below) ended its print run with issue number 75 in 2013. It has been replaced by //Pulpdom Online//, a free, downloadable PDF version of the fanzine since 2013, and restarted with an issue number 1.

~-//[[ The Pulpster]]//: //The Pulpster// is typically around 40-pages, letter-size publication produced annually originally for PulpCon, and now for PulpFest. The first 21 issues were edited by Tony Davis; William Lampkin took over the editor duties beginning with issue number 22 in 2013. Subscriptions are not available. Cost is covered by pulp convention memberships, though remainders are often available through Mike Chomko Books and a few other dealers.

===Defunct pulp fanzines===
Here are some of the now-defunct pulp fanzines that have been published over the years.

~-//[[ Aces]]//: Paul ""McCall"", 1993-2000, 15 issues; 5801 W. Henry St., Indianapolis, IN 46241; e-mail: [[|]]. This zine, devoted to pulp art and pulp fan art, was published annually just before PulpCon with a press run limited to 100 copies an issue. Of the 15 issues, only a limited supply of back numbers may be available.

~-//The Age of the Unicorn//: Cook & ""McDowell"" Publications; Michael L. Cook, editor; 1979-1982, eight issues (merged with //The Science–Fiction Collector// in June 1980)

~-//Agents of the Shadow//: Joseph A. ""McCullough"", editor; 1997-2000. 11 issues

~-//Attic Revivals//: Five issues

~-//The Barsoomian Times//: Jeremy A. Barry, editor; 1964-66. Eight issues

~-//[[ Blood ‘n’ Thunder]]//: Ed Hulse, 2467 Rt. 10 East, Bldg. 15, Apt. 4B, Morris Plains, NJ 07950; e-mail: [[|]]. Since 2002, Ed Hulse’s zine has covered “adventure, mystery and melodrama in the pulps, comics, vintage radio, serials, movies, and fiction.” It ended its quarterly run as a zine with a combined issue #49/50 in fall 2016. Periodic "//Blood 'n' Thunder// presents..." book-a-zines are in the plans.

~-//Bronze Shadows//: Fred Cook, 1965-68, 15 issues

~-//Brotherhood of Bronze//: Jim Steranko, 1975-77, three issues

~-//Cloak and Pistol//: Joe Lewandowski, early ’80s, one issue

~-//Doc Savage and Associates//: Mark Stulce and George Rock, 1976, one issue

~-//Doc Savage Club Reader//: Frank Lewandowski, 1977-81, 12 issues; became //Nemesis Inc.//

~-//Doc Savage Fan Magazine//: Joseph Stohel, 1974, five issues

~-//Doc Savage Forum//: Daryl Herrick, 1979, one issue

~-//Doc Savage Journal //: Lynn Meyers Jr., 1969, one issue

~-//Doc Savage Quarterly/The Shadow/Doc Savage Quest//: William Laidlaw, 1980-85, 16 issues

~-//Doc Savage Reader//: Mark Golden and John Cosgriff, 1973, three issues

~-//Duende//: Will Murray/Odyssey Publications, 1975-77, two issues

~-//[[EchoesFanzine Echoes]]//: Tom and Virginia Johnson, 1982-2004, 176 issues; Fading Shadows Inc., 504 E Morris St., Seymour, TX 76380. Echoes was the longest running zine. Tom and Virginia Johnson “retired” with the December 2004 issue. Tom says, “However, we still have back issues, and probably will till we expire. We do hope to put out an anthology every so often.” Some back issues are available.

~-//Echoes from the Pulps//: Joe Lewandowski, 1978-81, four issues

~-//[[ Fantastic Collectibles Magazine]]//: [[|Ray Bowman]], 1980s-2005, 146 issues. This zine featured mostly advertisments, but included some reviews and stories.

~-//Fantasy Mongers//: W. Paul Ganley, 1979-88, 25 issues, adzine; merged with //The Age of the Unicorn// in August 1979

~-//[[ Golden Perils]]//: Golden Perils Press (Howard Hopkins). Started as a printed zine in 1985, //Golden Perils// evolved to a PDF download available through the Howard Hopkins’ website. It ended with issue number 40.

~-//The Man of Bronze//: John Boehm, 1975, one issue

~-//Megavore//: Please see //Science-Fiction Collector// below.

~-//Nemesis Inc.//: Frank Lewandowski, 1982-86, 18 issues; successor to// Doc Savage Club Reader//

~-//Prologue//: One issue

~-//Pulp//: Robert Weinberg, 1970-81, 13 issues

~-//Pulp Adventures//: Rich Harvey, 1992-99, 13 issues; Pulp Adventures Press, P.O. Box 45495, Madison, WI 53744. This 8x11 pulp fanzine focused on modern day pulp activities.

~-//[[ Pulp Collector]]//: John Gunnison, 1985-95, 24 issues

~-//[[ Pulpdom]]//: 1997-2013, 75 issues; Camille Erwin “Caz” Cazedessus II. //The Fantasy/Fantastic Collector// and //ERB-dom//, the famous Burroughs zine, were incorporated into this publication. Back issues are available.

~-//The Pulp Era//: Lynn Hickman, 1964-1971, 1993, 75 issues

~-//Pulp Letterzine//: Four issues

~-//Pulp Vault//: Doug Ellis, 1988-93, 1996 and 2011, 14 issues; Tattered Pages Press, 13 Spring Lane, Barrington Hills, IL 60010; e-mail: [[|]]. The most recent two issues of this large, high-quality zine were perfect-bound paperbacks.

~-//Pulpette//: Joe Lewandowski, early ’80s

~-//""PulpMagazine""//: Escuadrón Delta editorial trust, 2000-01, eight issues; Escuadrón Delta editorial trust [Román Goicoechea, coordinator], Footpath San Lorenzo, 7-4ºg, 19200 Azuqueca de Henares, Guadalajara, Spain; e-mail: [[|]]. This high-quality newsprint zine focused on Spanish fiction.

~-//Purple Prose//: Mike Chomko, 1995-2004, 17 issues

~-//The Rat//: One issue

~-//Savage Society of Bronze//: Joel ""DiGiacomo"", 1982-85, seven issues

~-//The Science–Fiction Collector//: J. Grant Thiessen, 1979-80, 15 issues (Age of the Unicorn merged with //SFC// beginning with issue 9 and name changed to //Megavore//; reverted to //SFC// with issue 14)

~-//Secret Sanctum//: Ron Hanna, 1996-99, 17 issues

~-//Spicy Armadillo Stories//: Jerry Page, 193 Battery Place N.E., Atlanta, GA 30307

~-//Superamalgamation//: Savage Spider Press (Gordon Garb), Ft. Collins, Colo., 1974-75. Unknown number of issues (at least two)

~-//Unicorn//: Michael Cook, ended in 1979

~-//The Weird Tales Collector//: Robert Weinberg, 1977-80, six issues

~-//The Wold Atlas//: 1977-78, five issues, concerned with Philip José Farmer's ideas

~-//Yawning Vortex//: Perry Grayson/Tsathoggua Press, 1994-97, 10 issues

~-//Xenophile//: Nils Hardin, 1974-80, 44 issues

~-//[[ ’Zine of Bronze]]//: Main Enterprises, c/o Jim Main, 13 Valley View Rd., Brookfield, CT 06804. Main’s publication focused on Doc Savage. 2007-2012, seven issues.
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