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Pulp fanzines

Pulp fanzines are fan-produced publications featuring articles and artwork on the pulps and the people who worked in the pulps.

The zines vary widely in production quality. They range from photocopied and handfolded zines, to nicely bound with slick covers. Art ranges from amateur (some good, some less so) to semi-professional.

Articles may often be of high quality. Prominent pulp collectors and researchers may have articles in multiple zines. Don’t be surprised to see authors such as Will Murray, Nick Carr, et al, appear in many different zines.

There are several pulp fanzines being published. But after a brief renaissance in the 1990s, the number has dwindled as the web come to replace printed publications.

Fanzines have been around since the 1930s. While most have focused on broader themes, such as science fiction or fantasy, many have touched on the pulps. The zines listed below are those whose central focus has been the pulps.

Currently published fanzines

Some of these publishers have put out other works on the pulps. If you are requesting info, such as latest price info, back issue availability, etc, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Where indicated, make checks payable to the publisher, not the zine. Funds should be in U.S. currency.

Defunct pulp fanzines

Here are some of the now-defunct pulp fanzines that have been published over the years.


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