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====Pulp genres====

[[PulpMagazines Pulp magazines]] offered readers a variety of genres, or categories, from [[FantasyGenre sword and sorcery]] to [[WesternGenre Westerns]], from [[RomanceGenre love stories]] to [[FantasyGenre science fiction]], from [[HeroPulpGenre hero pulps]] to [[MiscGenre railroad stories]]. Just about every conceivable genre was covered at one time or another during the pulps' half-century run.

Genres offer a way to categorize pulp magazines and the stories in them. As a result, genres are broad topics and typically include many subcategories within them. Not all pulps or stories fit nicely into a single genre, or category. After some discussions on the [[ Pulp Mags mailing list]] at Yahoo Groups, these main categories coalesced:
~- [[CrimeGenre Crime]]
~- [[FantasyGenre Fantasy/science fiction]]
~- [[GeneralGenre General]]
~- [[HeroPulpGenre Hero/Character]]
~- [[HorrorGenre Horror]]
~- [[JungleGenre Jungle]]
~- [[MiscGenre Miscellaneous]]
~- [[MysteryGenre Mystery/detective]]
~- [[RomanceGenre Romance]]
~- [[SpicyGenre Saucy/spicy]]
~- [[SportsGenre Sports]]
~- [[WarGenre War]]
~- [[WesternGenre Western]]

Within each of these broader categories are subcategories, such as "[[HorrorGenre weird menace]]," "[[MysteryGenre hardboiled]]" or "[[FantasyGenre space opera]]." These subcategories are discussed within the entry of the broader genre.

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