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Pulp genres

Pulp magazines offered readers a variety of genres, or categories, from sword and sorcery to Westerns, from love stories to science fiction, from hero pulps to railroad stories. Just about every conceivable genre was covered at one time or another during the pulpsí half-century run.


Genres offer a way to categorize pulp magazines and the stories in them. As a result, genres are broad topics and typically include many subcategories within them. Not all pulps or stories fit nicely into a single genre, or category. After some discussions on the Pulp Mags mailing list at Yahoo Groups, these main categories coalesced:
Within each of these broader categories are subcategories, such as ìweird menace,î ìhardboiledî or ìspace opera.î These subcategories are discussed within the entry of the broader genre.


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