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====Pulp magazines rights====

Who owns the rights to a specific pulp magazine can often be confusing. Some copyrights expired, others were or weren’t renewed, and others are still in effect. This information is important for those wishing to preserve the yarns printed on the decaying pulpwood pages.

Among those known to own rights are:
~-**//[[AmazingStories Amazing Stories]]//:** Rights owned by [[ Paizo Publishing]], publisher of role-playing games.
~- **//[[BlackMask Black Mask]]//:** Rights owned by Keith Alan Deutsch.
~-**[[PopularPublications Popular Publications]]:** Rights owned by Joel Frieman and Keith Alan Deutsch.
~-**[[StreetandSmith Street and Smith Publications]]:** Rights owned by [[ Conde Nast Inc.]]
~-**//[[WeirdTales Weird Tales]]//:** Rights owned by [[ Viacom Inc.]]. (Formerly owned by [[ Robert Weinberg]]).

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