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Pulp magazines

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Aces [Aces]
AvengerThe [AvengerThe]
CaptainFuture [Captain Future]
CaptainHazzard [Capt. Hazzard]
DetectiveStoryMagazine [DetectiveStoryMagazine]
DimeDetective [DimeDetective]
DimeMystery [DimeMystery]
DocSavage [DocSavage]
DustyAyres [DustyAyres]
FantasyGenre [FantasyGenre]
FaustFrederick [FaustFrederick]
FireFighters [Fire Fighters]
G8andHisBattleAces [G-8 and His Battle Aces]
GibsonWalter [GibsonWalter]
MerrittA [A. Merritt]
NewPulp [New Pulp]
Operator5 [Operator5]
PhantomDetectiveThe [PhantomDetectiveThe]
PulpGenres [Pulp genres]
PulpMagazineRights [Pulp magazines rights]
PulpsterThe [The Pulpster]
PulpTerms [PulpTerms]
ShadowThe [ShadowThe]
SoldiersOfFortune [SoldiersOfFortune]
SpiderThe [SpiderThe]
StrangeStories [Strange Stories]
StreetandSmith [Street and Smith Publications Inc.]
Unknown [Unknown]
WesternStoryMagazine [WesternStoryMagazine]


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