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====Pulp publishers====

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Pulp publishers included:

~- [[AceMagazines Ace Magazines]] (Magazine Pub/Periodical House)
~- [[ClaytonGroup Clayton Group]]
~- [[CulturePublications Culture Publications]]
~- [[DellPublishing Dell]]
~- [[DoubleAction Double-Action]]
~- [[FawcettPulps Fawcett]]
~- [[GernsbackPulps Gernsback]]
~- [[HerseyPulps Hersey]]
~- [[PopularPublications Popular Publications]] (and affiliates)
~- [[ProDistributors Pro-Distributors]]
~- [[RedCircle Red Circle]]
~- [[StreetandSmith Street and Smith]]
~- [[ThrillingGroup Thrilling Group]] (Standard/Better Publications)
~- [[ZiffDavis Ziff-Davis]]

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