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=====PulpWiki style=====

Here are some simple guidelines for styles within the PulpWiki:

~- Do not type in all capital letters.
~- Put magazine, book, radio, TV and movie titles in italics (placing double slash marks -- ""//"" -- before and after a phrase, makes it appear in italics). For example, //[[BlackMask Black Mask]]// or //[[Argosy The Argosy]]//.
~- Put story and article titles in quotations. For example, “The Metal Man” or “The Price of a Dime.”

When starting a new page, visit one of the following format pages and copy the coding:

~- FormatsPulpContributors
~- FormatsPulpFanzines
~- FormatsPulpGenres
~- FormatsPulpMagazines
~- FormatsPulpPublishers


Except where otherwise noted, content on the PulpWiki is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.
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