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Pulpcon, the first [[PulpConventions convention]] devoted strictly to the pulp magazines, ran annually from 1972 through 2008, with an extra convention held in 1996.

Pulpcon was founded by Ed Kessell, Earl Kussman, Nils Hardin and Rusty Hevelin. The first con was held at the Colony Motor Hotel in Clayton, Mo., on June 9-11, 1972. Around 100 people attended, including SF fictioneer [[HamiltonEdmond Edmond Hamilton]] and pulp cover artist [[GladneyGraves Graves Gladney]].

According to Don Ramlow's "Pulpcon: A Brief History of the Little Convention That Could" (//[[PulpsterThe The Pulpster]]// #3, 1993), Pulpcon had been planned as a one-shot convention. But at the urging of those attending, it decided to continue the next year.

Pulpcon limited its focus to the pulp magazines. By the mid-2000s, newer members of the convention's organizing committee were pushing to consider broadening the con's focus, consider new locations and other options to grow. Pulpcon #38 was scheduled for Aug. 14-16 in Dayton, Ohio. After a schism, a portion of the committee decided to organize a competing convention, Pulpcon 2009, in Columbus, Ohio, on July 31-Aug. 2, 2009.

Eventually, Pulpcon #38 organizers canceled their event, but required the other convention to give up the Pulpcon name. Pulpcon 2009 was renamed [[PulpFest PulpFest]] 2009.

Pulpcon #37, held in Dayton, Ohio, in 2008 was the final Pulpcon.

===Pulpcon activities===
Pulpcon began recognizing [[PulpconGuestsofHonor Guests of Honor]] in 1976 for Pulpcon 5. The first Guest of Honor was [[GibsonWalter Walter Gibson]], the main author of [[ShadowThe The Shadow]].

===Outside links===
~- [[ File 770: "Pulpcon Torn Apart"]]


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