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Pulpcon Guests of Honor

Following is a listing of Guests of Honor at Pulpcon from 1973 through 2008.

1972Pulpcon 1No Guest of Honor
1973Pulpcon 2No Guest of Honor
1974Pulpcon 3No Guest of Honor
1975Pulpcon 4No Guest of Honor
1976Pulpcon 5Walter Gibson
1977Pulpcon 6Henry Steeger
Norman Saunders
1978Pulpcon 7Robert A.W. Lowndes
1979Pulpcon 8Walter Baumhofer
1980Pulpcon 9Rafael DeSoto
Walter Gibson
1981Pulpcon 10Jerome Rozen*
1982Pulpcon 11John Nanovic
Walter Baumhofer*
1983Pulpcon 12Robert Bloch
Hugh Cave
1984Pulpcon 13Walter Baumhofer
Jack Schiff
1985Pulpcon 14Julius Schwartz
Murphy Anderson
1986Pulpcon 15Theodore Roscoe
Donald Wollheim
1987Pulpcon 16Alex Schomburg
Jean Francis Webb
1988Pulpcon 17Jack Williamson
Henry Steeger
1989Pulpcon 18Philip Jose Farmer
1990Pulpcon 19John Fleming Gould
Ryerson Johnson
1991Pulpcon 20Howard Browne
Dwight Swain
1992Pulpcon 21Frederik Pohl
Tommy Thompson
1993Pulpcon 22Shirley Steeger
1994Pulpcon A[[HarrisRobertG Robert G. Harris]
Nelson Nye
1994Pulpcon 23Harold Q. Masur
Bruce Cassiday
1995Pulpcon 24Michael Avallone
Everett Raymond Kinstler
Hugh Cave
1995Pulpcon BNelson Bond
Talmage Powell
1996Pulpcon 25Forrest J. Ackerman
D.B. Newton
1997Pulpcon 26Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
Murphy Anderson
1998Pulpcon 27Algis Budrys
1999Pulpcon 28Hal Clement
Elmer Kelton
2000Pulpcon 29Bill Pronzini
Daniel Keyes
2001Pulpcon 30Gloria Stoll Karn
Frank M. Robinson
Gordon Huber
2002Pulpcon 31Jon Arfstrom
Jon Tuska
2003Pulpcon 32Joe L. Hensley
Jim Steranko
2004Pulpcon 33Francis M. Nevins
Don Hutchison
2005Pulpcon 34Martin H. Greenberg
Ed Hoch
2006Pulpcon 35Philip Klass (William Tenn)
Ernest Chiriacka
2007Pulpcon 36Glenn Lord
David Saunders
2008Pulpcon 37Larry Niven
Jerry E. Pournelle*
* Could not attend


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