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====//The Pulpster//====

//The Pulpster// is a letter-size publication produced annually, originally for [[PulpCon Pulpcon]] and now for [[PulpFest PulpFest]].

>>{{image class="center" alt="The Pulpster 2010" url="images/wiki-images/thepulpster2013.jpg" }}**//The Pulpster//**
**Editor:** William Lampkin
**Publication range:** July 1991-Ongoing>>//The Pulpster// offers a range of articles devoted to the [[PulpMagazines pulps]], their writers, artists and characters, as well as profiles of the pulp convention's Guests of Honor and a "Final Chapters" column, listing those in the pulp community who have died in the past year.

[[DavisTony Tony Davis]] first proposed the idea of a convention zine at Pulpcon in 1990. //The Pulpster// debuted the following year. The first two issues of the zine were chapbook-size, with //The Pulpster// adopting an 8x10 size beginning with issue number 3 in 1993. Covers have been black-and-white illustrations, sometimes printed on colored stock. The 2010 issue (number 19) introduced //The Pulpster//'s first full-color cover, a reproduction of a //[[BlackMask Black Mask]]// cover painting by [[MurphyHCJr H.C. Murphy Jr.]] from September 1929.

Davis continued editing //The Pulpster// until number 21, published in 2012.

//The Pulpster// currently is edited by [[TpnEditor William Lampkin]] and is distributed at the annual [[PulpFest PulpFest]] pulp convention as part of the attendance fee. A limited number of copies are available to purchase following the convention, depending on the number remaining.

===The contributors===
Over the years, article contributors have included [[HutchisonDon Don Hutchison]], [[JohnsonTom Tom Johnson]], [[CarrNick Nick Carr]], [[TonikAl Al Tonik]], [[MurrayWill Will Murray]], [[CaveHughB Hugh B. Cave]], [[MechemNeil Neil Mechem]], [[TpnEditor William Lampkin]], [[HevelinRusty Rusty Hevelin]], [[ChomkoMike Mike Chomko]], [[LaytonRexW Rex W. Layton]] (Wayne Leighton), [[WooleyJohn John Wooley]] and [[HilkertJohn John Hilkert]].

Illustrators contributing to //The Pulpster// have included [[HamiltonFrank Frank Hamilton]], [[VanDerLindeHenry Henry Van Der Linde]], [[MechemNeil Neil Mecham]], [[MechemLeigh Leigh Mechem]] and [[FrancavillaFrancesco Francesco Francavilla]], [[McCallPaul Paul McCall]] and [[MencherKenney Kenney Mencher]].

The zine has also reprinted articles and artwork by veteran pulpsters, including [[CartierEdd Edd Cartier]], [[GordonSally Sally Gordon]], [[PaintonFrederickC Frederick C. Painton]] and [[LovellTom Tom Lovell]].

~- //The Pulpster//'s first full-color cover appeared on issue number 19 (July-August 2010).

===Outside links===
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