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The Pulpster

The Pulpster is a letter-size publication produced annually, originally for Pulpcon and now for PulpFest.


The Pulpster 2010The Pulpster
Editor: William Lampkin
Publication range: July 1991-Ongoing
The Pulpster offers a range of articles devoted to the pulps, their writers, artists and characters, as well as profiles of the pulp convention's Guests of Honor and a "Final Chapters" column, listing those in the pulp community who have died in the past year.

Tony Davis first proposed the idea of a convention zine at Pulpcon in 1990. The Pulpster debuted the following year. The first two issues of the zine were chapbook-size, with The Pulpster adopting an 8x10 size beginning with issue number 3 in 1993. Covers have been black-and-white illustrations, sometimes printed on colored stock. The 2010 issue (number 19) introduced The Pulpster's first full-color cover, a reproduction of a Black Mask cover painting by H.C. Murphy Jr. from September 1929.

Davis continued editing The Pulpster until number 21, published in 2012.

The Pulpster currently is edited by William Lampkin and is distributed at the annual PulpFest pulp convention as part of the attendance fee. A limited number of copies are available to purchase following the convention, depending on the number remaining.

The contributors

Over the years, article contributors have included Don Hutchison, Tom Johnson, Nick Carr, Al Tonik, Will Murray, Hugh B. Cave, Neil Mechem, William Lampkin, Rusty Hevelin, Mike Chomko, Rex W. Layton (Wayne Leighton), John Wooley and John Hilkert.

Illustrators contributing to The Pulpster have included Frank Hamilton, Henry Van Der Linde, Neil Mecham, Leigh Mechem and Francesco Francavilla, Paul McCall and Kenney Mencher.

The zine has also reprinted articles and artwork by veteran pulpsters, including Edd Cartier, Sally Gordon, Frederick C. Painton and Tom Lovell.


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