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====Kenneth Robeson====

Kenneth Robeson was a [[HouseName house name]] created by [[StreetandSmith Street and Smith]] for its //[[DocSavage Doc Savage]]// pulp series. Most of the Robeson-credited stories were written by [[DentLester Lester Dent]]. Others whose work appeared under the Robeson name included [[JohnsonRyerson Ryerson Johnson]], [[DonovanLaurence Laurence Donovan]], [[BogartWilliam William Bogart]], [[HathwayAlan Alan Hathway]] and [[DavisHaroldA Harold A. Davis]].

Robeson also was used by Street when it launched its [[HeroPulpGenre hero pulp]] //[[AvengerThe The Avenger]]//. The novel-length adventures were written by [[ErnstPaul Paul Ernst]], while the subsequent short stories were penned by [[TeppermanEmile Emile C. Tepperman]].

~- Other writers to use the Robeson name for //[[DocSavage Doc Savage]]// stories in the 1990s include Philip Jose Farmer and Will Murray.
~- Ron Goulart wrote 12 novels under the Robeson name when Warner Books decided to extend its paperback reprint series of //[[AvengerThe The Avenger]]// in the 1970s.

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