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=====C.K.M. Scanlon=====
C.K.M. Scanlon was a "[[HouseName house name]]" used by [[ThrillingPublications Thrilling Publications]].

Stories credited to Scanlon appeared in //[[PhantomDetectiveThe The Phantom Detective]]//, //[[ThrillingDetective Thrilling Detective]]// and //[[PopularDetective Popular Detective]]//. A number of [[FowlerDan Dan Fowler]] and [[MaskedDetectiveThe Masked Detective]] stories are credited to Scanlon.

[[McCulleyJohnston Johnston McCulley]], creator of [[Zorro Zorro]], is one of the fictioneers whose stories may have appeared under the Scanlon house name.

~- Some say that "C.K.M. Scanlon" was a pun on Cylvia Kleinman/Margulies Scandal, created by pulp editor [[MarguilesLeo Leo Marguiles]], who was having an affair with editor [[KleinmanCylvia Kleinman]] while he was married to another woman. He later married Kleinman.


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