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====//Soldiers of Fortune//====
>>{{image class="center" alt="Soldiers of Fortune" url="images/wiki-images/soldiers_of_fortune_3110.jpg" }}**//Soldiers of Fortune//**
**Publisher:** [[ClaytonMagazines Clayton Magazines]]
**Publication range:** October 1931-May 1932>>This adventure pulp published by [[ClaytonMagazines Clayton]] ran four issues.

//Soldiers of Fortune// was published every other month, but lasted only four issues. [[BatesHarry Harry Bates]] was the editor. [[DelanoGerardCurtis Gerard Curtis Delano]] painted all four covers, including the rare appearance of a samurai on a pulp for the third issue.

Contributors to the adventure magazine were [[RousseauVictor Victor Rousseau]], [[BurksArthurJ Arthur J. Burks]], [[FreemanCharles Charles Freeman]], poet [[KramerEdgarDaniel Edgar Daniel Kramer]], [[WheelerNicholsonMalcolm Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson]] and [[ChamberlainWilliam William Chamberlain]].

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