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====Street and Smith Publications Inc.====
Street and Smith Publications Inc. was one of the top pulp magazine publishers. It began publishing dime novels in the 1800s, then began shifting to pulps in 1915. In 1949, it shuttered its last four pulp magazines -- //[[ShadowThe The Shadow,]]// //[[DocSavage Doc Savage,]]// //[[DetectiveStoryMagazine Detective Story Magazine]]// and //[[WesternStoryMagazine Western Story Magazine]]// -- with the summer issues as it bowed out of the pulp business to focus on its slick magazines.

Street and Smith was founded in 1855 when Francis S. Street and Francis S. Smith purchased //The New York Weekly Dispatch// from Amos Williamson. ...

===Post-pulp changes===
In 1959, S.I. Newhouse’s Advance Publications, publisher of the //Staten Island Advance// newspaper, ought the Conde Nast magazine group from the Daily Mirror Group. Later that year, Advance bought Street and Smith Publications (and its pulp legacy). (In 1980, Advance entered the book publishing business by purchasing Random House from RCA. Two years later, Random bought Fawcett Books, which had been owned by pulp publisher [[FawcettPulps Fawcett]]. But in 1998, Advance sold off its book publishing business to Bertelsmann.) Advance shuttered //Mademoiselle// in 2001, after 66 years of publication.

Conde Nast (Advance) donated the editorial records of Street and Smith to [[ Syracuse University Library]].

===Selected publications===
==[[DimeNovels Dime novels]]==

==[[PulpMagazines Pulp magazines]]==
~- //[[TopNotch Top-Notch Magazine]]//
~- //[[DetectiveStoryMagazine Detective Story Magazine]]//
~- //[[WesternStoryMagazine Western Story Magazine]]//
~- //[[ThrillBook Thrill Book]]//
~- //[[LoveStoryMagazine Love Story Magazine]]//
~- //[[SeaStories Sea Stories]]//
~- //[[WildWest Wild West]]//
~- //[[AirTrails Air Trails Magazine]]//
~- //[[BestDetective Best Detective]]//
~- //[[ShadowThe The Shadow Magazine]]//
~- //[[RicePete Pete Rice Magazine]]//
~- //[[CarterNick Nick Carter Magazine]]//
~- //[[AstoundingStories Astounding Stories]]//
~- //[[CluesDetective Clues-Detective]]//
~- //[[CowboyStories Cowboy Stories]]//
~- //[[DocSavage Doc Savage Magazine]]//
~- //[[BarnesBill Bill Barnes Air Trails]]//
~- //[[WhispererThe The Whisperer]]//
~- //[[SkipperThe The Skipper]]//
~- //[[PopularThe The Popular]]//
~- //[[CrimeBusters Crime Busters]]//
~- //[[Unknown Unknown]]//
~- //[[AvengerThe The Avenger]]//
~- //[[WizardThe The Wizard]]// & //[[GormanCash Cash Gorman]]//
~- //[[WesternAdventures Western Adventures]]//

==[[SlickMagazines Slick magazines]]==
~- //Mademoiselle//
~- //Charm//
~- //Mademoiselle's Living//

==Pulp-related comic books==
~- //[[ShadowThe Shadow Comics]]//
~- //[[SavageDoc Doc Savage Comics]]//
~- //[[BarnesBill Bill Barnes America's Ace Comics]]//


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