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Probably the most widely-known pulp character, Tarzan was the creation of Edgar Rice Burroughs and first appeared in Tarzan of the Apes — A Romance of the Jungle published in the October 1912 number of All-Story. In addition to the 24 novels, Tarzan also appeared in radio, film and television, as well as comic strips and books.


Orphaned after his parents, John and Alice Clayton (Lord and Lady Greystoke), are marooned along the coast of Africa by a ship’s mutiny, the infant Tarzan is reared by Kala and the great apes. In time, Tarzan meets Jane Porter. Eventually the two marry and have a son, Jack (also known as Korak).

Tarzan appears in 24 novels, as well as a children’s book, written by Burroughs between 1912 and 1941. Several other authors have written Tarzan stories, including Philip Jose Farmer.

The ape man’s film career spans 1918 through 1999, from silent films, features, serials and animated movies. Tarzan first appeared on television in 1966, played by Ron Ely (who later played Doc Savage on screen). Since then, the character has appeared in animated series, TV, movies and a short-lived series set in New York City in 2003.


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