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WikiName, also called CamelCase, is a style of writing compound words or phrases as a single word with capital letters where there would be spaces. For instance, the WikiName for Popular Publications would be PopularPublications -- two separate capital letters with no space. A WikiName can include more than two capital letters, but requires no fewer than two. For instance, GardnerErleStanley would be a valid WikiName. (Incidentally, the last name should go first so it will be properly alphabetized in the PageIndex.)

You will need to use a wiki-style WikiName when creating a login name.

The PulpWiki also recognizes a wiki-style WikiName as a link to a new Wiki page. The preferred way to write links is:

""[[WikiName This is a link]] to the page about WikiName""

which would appear:

[[WikiName This is a link]] to the page about WikiName.

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