New Pulp sources

It’s called New Pulp — stories by modern fans and authors that recreate the style of adventures that appeared in the pulp magazines during the pulp era.

We’ll concentrate on written prose, rather than comics or sequential art, in our coverage of New Pulp. Narrowing the category down further, we define New Pulp as stories that take place during the pulp era, or science-fiction, fantasy, horror and other pulp genres written from the perspective of the pulp era. (Publishers of stories that take place in the 1960s through present day or with a present-day sensibility won’t make the cut.)

The stories can be new stories of old pulp characters, or new stories of new pulp-like characters.

Keep in mind, many of the purveyors of classic pulp magazines and material also carry New Pulp books. Browse their websites, too, when shopping for newly-written adventures.

Adventures in Bronze
The “All-New Wild Adventures of Doc Savage,” being written by Will Murray, also fall into the New Pulp category, despite having a direct link to Lester Dent and the pulp era. This website will keep you up-to-date on the new series, being published through Altus Press — including the new Doc Savage: Skull Island, featuring King Kong.
Airship 27
Here is Airship 27’s “PDF Hanger,” where you can info on Airship 27’s books. You’ll find links to all of books produced by Airship 27 (Ron Fortier and Rob Davis).
All Pulp
All Pulp calls itself “your source to the who, what, when, where and how of the modern pulp revival.” You’ll find publication announcements, links to podcasts and commentary by a variety of contributors, covering both the classic pulp magazines and New Pulp publications.
Black Hood Press
Black Hood Press is a digital publishing house of original New Pulp fiction. You’ll find New Pulp adventures of “daring heroes, twisted villains, and gorgeous dames.”
Brand New ePulp Stories
Inspired by the pulps, Steven W. Bentley is taking a stab at writing his own New Pulp story. You can read installments of Night-time In the City… on his blog.
Learn more about Derrick Ferguson’s series of stories featuring Dillon, one of the few black action heroes in New Pulp. You’ll find information about the stories and novels, and where to purchase them.
Dare Devlin: Supreme Adventurer
Meet Dare Devlin, Dafydd Neal Dyar’s homage to a certain man of bronze. Learn more about Dyar’s replacement for his earlier Doc Hazzard character.
iPulpFiction is an online reading service, rather than an ebook seller. You’ll find a mix of vintage pulp stories — from Adventure, Dime Mystery, Rangeland Romace, Terror Tales and more — as well as New Pulp stories from publishers such as Airship 27 and Moonstone Books, ready for reading on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Some stories are free, while others cost tokens (which you can purchase on the website).
Knightravel Studios
Wayne Reinagel, through his Knightraven Studios, has started two series of adventure novels and short stories: Pulp Heroes and Modern Marvels. The Pulp Heroes trilogy takes place in the 1930s and ’40s, while the Modern Marvels series is set during the late 1800s.
Moonstone Books
Originally a comic book publisher, Moonstone has branched out into books and “new pulp.” It lists collections of new stories featuring The Spider, The Avenger, Zorro, The Black Bat, The Domino Lady, The Phantom Detective and others.

Planetary Stories*
Planetary Stories, an “online homage to the S-F pulp magazines of the ’30s through the ’50s” edited by Shelby Vick and Gerald W. Page, publishes three times a year. It’s not just science fiction that they publish, it’s space opera. So if you enjoy Captain Future and the likes, you’ll get a kick out of this e-zine. The site also plays home to Pulp Spirit, a webzine of “non-science fiction type stories,” and Wonderlust, which specializes in “fantastic speculation.”
Pro Se Press
This Batesville, Ark., endeavor — which co-sponsored for a number of years Pulp Ark, a gathering for New Pulp writers, artists and fans — has become a prime publisher of New Pulp fiction. You will find an extensive range of fiction here from some of the top names in New Pulp, available in printed or digital form.
In addition to putting out The Bronze Gazette, PULPlications! is publishing several New Pulp series, including Dare Devlin, Carter McCloud, and B’hem!
PulpWork Press
PulpWork Press is home to a variety of New Pulp authors, including Derrick Ferguson, Joel Jenkins, Percival Constantine, Joshua Reynolds and others. Read about the authors, their books, which include action-adventure, science fiction and horror themes, and where to purchase them on its website.
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson’s website lists the New Pulp fiction, as well as a number of pulp reference books that he has written over the years. Johnson has a long history with pulp fandom, having published the long-running Echoes fanzine and reprint series Behind the Mask.
Vic Challenger
Jerry Gill’s Vic (as in Victoria) Challenger adventures tell the tale of a re-incarnated cave girl dropped into the 1920s. Find out more about the character and the series at his website.
White Rocket Books
Van Allen Plexico’s imprint specializes in the science fiction, fantasy, New Pulp, and nonfiction. There’s also a podcast, hosted by Plexico, that discusses pop culture.