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====William Magner====

William Magner was an artists' model for a number of pulp illustrators, [[DeSotoRaphael Raphael DeSoto]], [[RozenGeorge George Rozen]] and [[GladneyGraves Graves Gladney]].

>>**William Magner**
**Born:** Jan. 16, 1897
**Died:** June 15, 1986>>Magner's grim countenance may be quite familiar to many pulp readers, yet they may not realize it. He was used as a cover model for [[ShadowThe The Shadow]] and [[SpiderThe The Spider]].

He also modeled for covers for //[[DimeDetective Dime Detective]]//, //[[BlackMask Black Mask]]//, //[[Adventure Adventure]]// and //[[StrangeDetectiveMysteries Strange Detective Mysteries]]//.

Magner also worked as an actor, beginning in the silent era. He appeared in "The Fighting Roosevelts" (1919) and
"A Woman God Sent" (1920).

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~- [[ William Magner in the Internet Movie Database]]

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